Rentsabi Privacy Policy for Survey Respondents

  1. What information does Rentsabi collect?

    When you respond to surveys hosted by Rentsabi, we collect, on behalf and upon instructions (including the ones provided in this privacy policy) of survey creators, information relating to you and your use of our services from a variety of sources. These are listed below. The sections afterward describe what we do with this information.

    Information we collect directly from you

    Survey responses. We collect and store the survey responses that you submit. The survey creator is responsible for this data and manages it. A survey may ask you to provide personal information or data. If you have any questions about a survey you are taking, please contact the survey creator directly as Rentsabi is not responsible for the content of that survey. The survey creator is usually the same person that invited you to take the survey and sometimes they have their own privacy policy.

    Are your survey responses anonymous? You will need to ask the survey creator this as it depends on how they have chosen to configure their survey. We provide instructions on how a survey creator can ensure they collect responses anonymously. However, even if a survey creator has followed those steps, specific questions in the survey may still ask you for your personal information or data that could be used to identify you.

    Information we collect about you from other sources

    • Usage data. We collect usage data about you whenever you interact with our services. This may include which webpages you visit, what you click on, when you performed those actions, and so on. Additionally, as with most websites today, our web servers keep log files that record data each time a device accesses those servers. The log files contain data about the nature of each access, including originating IP addresses, internet service providers, the files viewed on our site (e.g., HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions, and timestamps.
    • Device data. We collect data from the device and application you use to access our services, such as your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type. We may also infer your geographic location based on your IP address. Your IP address will be linked to your survey responses unless a survey creator has disabled IP address collection for the survey you respond to.
    • Referral data. We record information about the source that referred you to a survey (e.g. a link on a website or in an email).
    • Information from page tags. We use third party tracking services that employ cookies and page tags (also known as web beacons) to collect aggregated and anonymized data about visitors to our websites. This data includes usage and user statistics.
    • Your email address and/or phone number. If a survey creator uses an email or text message invitation to send you a survey invitation, we collect your email address and/or phone number when the survey creator provides it to us. We don’t use this to send you email or text messages except at the direction of a survey creator. Depending on the option selected by the survey creator, the emails and text messages we send on behalf of a survey creator may appear to come from that survey creator’s email address or phone number or a Rentsabi email address or phone number. If you no longer want to be contacted by a survey creator, please contact the survey creator directly. Or, please send Rentsabi a message via the help section and then click the "contact" link.
    Providing survey responses is voluntary. Remember, you can always choose not to provide an answer to any given survey question (especially those requesting your personal information or data). However, sometimes this will prevent you from completing a survey if the survey creator has marked that question as requiring an answer.
  2. How does Rentsabi use the information we collect?

    Your survey responses are owned and managed by the survey creator, and we treat that information as private to the survey creator, except if the survey creator has made the questions and responses available via a public link. Please contact the survey creator directly to understand how they will use your survey responses. Some survey creators may provide you with a privacy policy or notice at the time you take their survey and we encourage you to review that to understand how the survey creator will handle your responses. Rentsabi does not sell survey responses to third parties without the survey creator’s permission and we do not use any contact details collected in our customers’ surveys to contact survey respondents.
    We also use the information we collect from you (including usage data, device data, referral data and information from page tags) to manage and improve our services, for research purposes, and for the various purposes described in the Survey Creator version of this privacy policy.
  3. With whom do we share or disclose your information?

    Rentsabi does not sell your survey responses unless you expressly permit us to! We will share your survey responses with third parties only as described in this privacy policy.
    We disclose:
    Your survey responses to survey creators. We host surveys for survey creators, but they are really the primary curator of survey data. Anything you expressly disclose in your survey responses will, naturally, be provided to them. Please contact the survey creator directly to understand how they might share your survey responses.
  4. What are your rights to your information?

    • Contact the survey creator to access and correct your responses and personal information. Because we collect survey responses on behalf of survey creators, you will need to contact the survey creator if you have any questions about the survey, or if you want to access, update, or delete anything in your responses. We provide survey creators with tools to maintain the responses they collect through their surveys. You may request access to and correction of the personal information we hold about you by contacting customer support, but in most cases Rentsabi cannot provide you with this access since survey responses are the survey creator’s private information (except if the survey creator has made the questions and responses available via a public link) and giving you access may have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals. We will respond to your request for access or correction within a reasonable time and, where reasonable and practicable to do so, we will provide access to your personal information in the manner requested by you.
    • Opt out of receiving surveys. You may opt out of receiving email invitations to take surveys which are sent by survey creators via Rentsabi. Please send Rentsabi a message via the help section and then click the "contact" link.
  5. Security, cookies and other important information

    Changes to this privacy policy. We may modify this privacy policy at any time, but if we do so, we will notify you by publishing the changes on this website. If we determine the changes are material, we will provide you with additional, prominent notice as is appropriate under the circumstances, such as via email or in another conspicuous manner reasonably designed to notify you. If, after being informed of the changes, you continue to use our services beyond the advance-notice period, you will be considered as having expressly consented to the changes in our privacy policy. If you disagree with the terms of this privacy policy or any updated privacy policy, you may close your account (if you have one) at any time or not respond to a survey.
    • Security. We are committed to handling your personal information and data with integrity and care. However, regardless of the security protections and precautions we undertake, there is always a risk that your personal data may be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties as a result of collecting and transmitting your data through the Internet. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, contact us.
    • Data locations. Our servers are based in the United States, so your personal information will be hosted and processed by us in the United States. Your personal information may also be processed in, or transferred or disclosed to, countries in which our service providers are located or have services.
    • Cookies. We and our partners use cookies and similar technologies on our websites. Cookies are small bits of data we store on the device you use to access our services so we can recognize repeat users. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time, depending on what we use it for. We use cookies and similar technologies for several reasons:
      • To make our site easier to use. If you use the “Remember me” feature when you sign into your account, we may store your username in a cookie to make it quicker for you to sign in whenever you return to Rentsabi.
      • For security reasons. We use cookies to authenticate your identity, such as confirming whether you are currently logged into Rentsabi.
      • To provide you with personalized content. We may store user preferences, such as your default language, in cookies to personalize the content you see. We also use cookies to ensure that users can’t retake certain surveys that they have already completed.
      • To improve our services. We use cookies to measure your usage of our websites and track referral data, as well as to occasionally display different versions of content to you. This information helps us to develop and improve our services and optimize the content we display to users.
      • Google Analytics. In addition to the above, we have implemented on our websites and other services certain Google Analytics features that support Display Advertising, including re-targeting. Visitors to our websites may opt out of certain types of Google Analytics tracking, customize the Google Display Network ads by using the Google Ad Preferences Manager and learn more about how Google serves ads by viewing its Customer Ads Help Center. If you do not wish to participate in Google Analytics, you may also download the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.
      We don’t believe cookies are sinister, but you can still choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser. Refer to your web browser’s configuration documentation to learn how to do this. Please note that doing this may adversely impact your ability to use our services. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother experience when using our websites. By using our websites and agreeing to this privacy policy, you expressly consent to the use of cookies as described in this policy.
    • Online Tracking. We currently do not process or comply with any web browser’s "do not track" signal or other similar mechanism that indicates a request to disable online tracking of individual users who visit our websites or use our services (unless otherwise stated in a service-specific privacy statement).
    • Social Media Features. Our websites may include social media features or widgets, such as the Facebook Like button. Use of these features may allow them to collect your IP address, detect which page you are visiting on our site, and set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the third party providing it.
    • Safety of Minors and COPPA. Our services are not intended for and may not be used by minors. "Minors" are individuals under the age of majority in their place of residence (or under 13 in the United States). Rentsabi does not knowingly collect personal data from minors or allow them to register. If it comes to our attention that we have collected personal data from a minor, we may delete this information without notice. If you have reason to believe that this has occurred, please contact us.