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Residents and Prospects
Easy text messaging, web chat and email built for Property Managers.
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Want more renewals, positive reviews, and referrals?
Rentsabi is tailor-made for that.
Plus, we make leasing better too!
Your Competitive Advantage
Each one of Rentsabi's communication capabilities leads the industry. Put them to use to exceed your competition.

Combine these features and grow a culture that gives your competitiveness a force-multiplier.
Rentsabi makes it easy to build your communications strategy around being:
  • Accessible
  • Engaging
  • Personable

Workflow Zen

To be as accessible as possible, you need your communications tools to be quick and easy to use, without interrupting your workflow. With that in mind, Rentsabi was designed to be just as easy to use as messaging on your phone. We do this while still giving you powerful capabilities like proactively helping you stick to best practices with as-you-type tips, message templates, and automatic smart sending features.
Bulk Messaging
Want to text 20, 200, 2,000 or more people in just a couple clicks? No problem! You can even add a personal touch to your bulk messages with mergefields. And unlike other services, Rentsabi's advanced sending makes it possible without the need for shortcodes (which are usually shared with your competitors), all while also helping you stay clear of carrier spam lists. learn about texting
Illustration of sending a message to multiple people.
Illustration of someone using a desktop computer to send a message to someone's phone.
1-to-1 Messaging
Carry on conversations just like you do on your phone. It's that simple. Except you also get message templates, delayed sending options, and more!
RentBot Chat
Make missed guest cards a thing of the past. RentBot AI chatbot will collect guest card details, schedule tours, and direct them to apply whenever someone new contacts you. No more forgetting to collect key details, no more missed opportunities. RentBot sets your leasing agents up for a slam dunk. Works with both text messaging and web chat. Prospects can even be synced with your leasing management system.
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Illustration of a robot character that represents RentBot.
A screen capture of a web chat widget that has a message from RentBot displayed to the user.
Web Chat
Drop 1 line of code onto your website to add web chat. Includes RentBot and innovative capability to switch over to Text Messaging too. Customizable to fit the look of your website.
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“Text messaging is the most compelling channel for reaching prospects & tenants. When you send a message, it gets noticed. Rentsabi helps you effectively and easily harness this power.”
Here are just a few ways our customers are using Rentsbi:
For Prospects...
  • Contact/visit follow-ups
  • Tour reminders
  • Touch base with lost prospects
  • Availability & concession updates
  • Keep prospects from going stale
  • Conduct drawings and contests
For Residents...
  • Social event notices
  • Late rent reminders
  • Package notices
  • Re-leasing
  • Move-in communications
  • Maintenance updates
But wait, that's not all! You also get:
  • smart opt-out/in handling
  • live onboarding and strategy webinars
  • message delivery tracking
  • scheduled sending
  • template fields
  • multi-user access
  • seamless call forwarding
  • smart conversation interruption options
  • send images with text SMS
  • emoji and animated GIFs
  • SPAM list prevention sending patterns
  • after hours RentBot messages
  • 1-question survey tracking
  • text and call lead tracking #s
  • send & receive messages via email
  • desktop notifications
  • daily un-responded message summaries
  • mobile optimized
  • record contact notes
  • 3rd party contact data syncing
  • texting merge fields
  • suggested campaigns w/ creatives
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Rentsabi can send you desktop notifications whenever you receive new messages.
You can adjust these settings anytime.