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Want more renewals, positive reviews, and referrals?
Rentsabi is tailor-made for that.
Plus, we make leasing better too!
Your Competitive Advantage
Each one of Rentsabi's communication capabilities leads the industry. Put them to use to exceed your competition.

Combine these features and grow a culture that gives your competitiveness a force-multiplier.
Rentsabi makes it easy to build your communications strategy around being:
  • Accessible
  • Engaging
  • Personable

Efficiency & Ease

Efficient communication tools should be quick, easy, and seamlessly integrated into your workflow. That's why we designed Rentsabi to be as intuitive as messaging on your phone, without compromising on its powerful features.

Rentsabi not only offers proactive, as-you-type tips and message templates, but also automatic smart sending features. We've combined simplicity with sophistication to help you adhere to best practices effortlessly. With Rentsabi, powerful communication is at your fingertips.
Effortless Mass Messaging
Need to connect with 20, 200, or even 2,000 people swiftly? It's a breeze with Rentsabi. Our platform not only lets you add a personal touch to bulk messages using merge fields, but also provides advanced opt-out and muting capabilities. This ensures your recipients only receive the messages they want. Say goodbye to shortcodes often shared with competitors and stay clear of carrier spam lists. With Rentsabi, mass messaging is not just effortless, but also considerate and effective. learn about texting
Illustration of sending a message to multiple people.
Illustration of someone using a desktop computer to send a message to someone's phone.
1-to-1 Messaging
Engage in conversations as effortlessly as texting on your phone - but with the added advantages of message templates, scheduled sending, and more! With Rentsabi, communication is not just simple, it's smart.
RentBot ChatBot: Your A.I. Leasing Assistant
Say goodbye to missed guest cards. RentBot, our AI-powered chatbot, collects guest card details, schedules tours, and guides new contacts towards applications. Drawing knowledge directly from your web pages, RentBot is instantly configured to answer queries about your rental offerings.

With RentBot, you'll never miss out on capturing vital details or opportunities again. It sets your leasing agents up for success, working seamlessly across text messaging and web chat. What's more? Prospects can be synced directly with your leasing management system.

Harnessing the latest OpenAI GPT capabilities, RentBot engages in more natural, conversational interactions. With RentBot, every conversation is an opportunity - let's seize them together.
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Illustration of a robot character that represents RentBot.
A screen capture of a web chat widget that has a message from RentBot displayed to the user.
Web Chat Integration: Simple Yet Powerful
Embedding web chat into your site is as easy as dropping a single line of code. Not only does this include RentBot, but it also offers the innovative feature of switching over to text messaging. Tailor the web chat to match your site's aesthetic for a seamless user experience. With Rentsabi, sophisticated communication solutions are just a code line away.
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RentBot AI Tools: Empowering Your Onsite Teams
RentBot goes beyond chatting with leads and prospects – it's a valuable ally for your onsite teams too. With a simple click of the RentBot button in the Message Composer, RentBot can scan recent conversations and generate intelligent replies.

Utilize RentBot Complete to start a message, then let RentBot finish it off for you. Need a reworded message quickly? RentBot Remix is at your service. We're continually rolling out new capabilities to make your work even easier.

Explore the RentBot Campaign Generator to effortlessly create engaging content for your text and email campaigns. Give RentBot Complete a try – witness the transformative power of AI in property management.
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Illustration of a collection of dots with connected by lines in the shape of a brain representing RentBot's AI tools.
A screen capture of a web chat widget that has a message from RentBot displayed to the user.
Global Communication Simplified: Auto-Translation
RentBot does more than converse in various languages - it acts as your personal translator for your own person-to-person messages.

When you receive a message in French and your primary language is English, RentBot auto-translates it for you. Reply in English, and RentBot translates your message back into French. It's as simple as that - or should we say, c'est aussi simple que ça!
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Easy Lead Funnel Tracking
Keep your finger on the pulse of your leasing activity with Rentsabi's efficient lead funnel tracking. Our platform amalgamates data from various sources, providing you a comprehensive view of your leasing operations.

Whether it's a new lead captured by RentBot or data from a third-party leasing management system, database, or spreadsheet, our Lead Management dashboard centralizes all activity. With built-in Follow-Up tools, you can easily monitor who needs contacting to ensure a smooth leasing process.

The dashboard also lets you keep tabs on upcoming and future tours. And yes, RentBot is there to assist in scheduling tours with prospective renters. With Rentsabi, lead management becomes a well-coordinated, streamlined process.
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Illustration of a sales funnel.
Here are just a few ways our customers are using Rentsabi:
For Prospects...
  • Contact/visit follow-ups
  • Tour reminders
  • Touch base with lost prospects
  • Availability & concession updates
  • Keep prospects from going stale
  • Conduct drawings and contests
For Residents...
  • Social event notices
  • Late rent reminders
  • Package notices
  • Re-leasing
  • Move-in communications
  • Maintenance updates
But wait, that's not all! You also get:
  • smart opt-out/in handling
  • live onboarding and strategy webinars
  • message delivery tracking
  • scheduled sending
  • template fields
  • multi-user access
  • seamless call forwarding
  • smart conversation interruption options
  • send images with text SMS
  • emoji and animated GIFs
  • SPAM list prevention sending patterns
  • after hours RentBot messages
  • 1-question survey tracking
  • text and call lead tracking #s
  • send & receive messages via email
  • desktop notifications
  • daily un-responded message summaries
  • mobile optimized
  • record contact notes
  • 3rd party contact data syncing
  • texting merge fields
  • suggested campaigns w/ creatives
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Rentsabi can send you desktop notifications whenever you receive new messages.
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