Keeping it Simple

Rentsabi is designed to be just as easy to use as sending messages on your phone.

A key to building a culture of great communications, is making the ability to communicate effortless. Beyond just having a very easy to use interface, Rentsabi also makes it simple to craft impactful messages and guides you to use best practices.

While Rentsabi offers a plethora of capabilities, the guiding design principals are simplicity and ease.

From sending a personalized message to a single individual to broadcasting a template-based message to a community of 1,200 with the convenience of merge fields, animated GIFs, and response tracking, Rentsabi streamlines it all with effortless proficiency. You can even schedule your message for the ideal time - say, 2:00pm on a Friday - ensuring optimal impact.

Rentsabi's intuitive interface empowers everyone in your leasing office to manage communications effectively and efficiently. The simplicity of our platform is designed to save you time and amplify your reach, so you can focus on what truly matters - building relationships with leads and residents.
Communications Zen

Send By Tag

With Rentsabi, reaching multiple people is as simple as messaging a single person. Each contact is assigned tags, allowing you to easily target your campaigns. Simply select the tags matching your intended audience and send your message. And the best part? When synced with your Leasing Management System, tags are automatically updated in Rentsabi, ensuring your communications are always relevant and timely.

RentBot A.I. Message Creation: Quick, Smart Messaging

With just one click, RentBot scans the conversation and crafts engaging responses in a heartbeat. Alternatively, simply input a few keywords about your intended message, and let RentBot Remix generate a well-articulated response. With RentBot, messaging is not only quick, but also intelligently crafted.

Email Simplicity

Sending bulk emails has never been simpler. Just enter your subject line, draft your message, add images, and select recipient tags. You can even personalize your emails with merge fields and animated GIFs.

But here's a secret... less is more when it comes to email effectiveness. While highly formatted emails may look appealing, simple emails often yield better results as they are less likely to be ignored. With Rentsabi, mastering the art of email communication is a breeze.

Templates: Efficiency Meets Best Practices

Templates are designed to save you time and ensure your communication aligns with best practices. With support for merge fields and fill-in fields, your templates enable quick, personalized, and effective messaging. With Rentsabi, communication has never been simpler or more professional.

Suggested Campaigns: Keep the Conversation Going

Maintaining regular communication with your residents and active prospects is crucial for fostering relationships and showing your commitment. To aid this process, Rentsabi suggests campaign ideas, providing you with a selection of text and images to incorporate in your outreach. With Rentsabi, nurturing your community is a seamless, personalized experience.

Real-Time Tips: Enhance Your Messaging

With Rentsabi, you'll never miss a beat. Our platform analyzes your messages as you type, providing real-time suggestions for improvement when necessary. Elevate your communication effortlessly with Rentsabi's intelligent, on-the-fly guidance.

Meet RentBot Chat Bot: Your First Line of Engagement

First interactions via text message or web chat can be tricky for leasing agents, especially when it comes to gathering all the necessary guest card details. Enter RentBot – your virtual leasing assistant that responds immediately, collecting all essential information before handing the conversation over to a live agent.

From scheduling tours to directing potential renters on how to apply through your website, RentBot simplifies the process. And if a prospect prefers to speak to a live person straight away, RentBot understands and gracefully steps aside. With RentBot, every interaction is streamlined and customer-focused.

Ready to put Rentsabi to work for you?