Communications Zen

Rentsabi is designed to be just as easy to use as sending messages on your phone.

A key to building a culture of great communications, is making the ability to communicate effortless. Beyond just having a very easy to use interface, Rentsabi also makes it simple to craft impactful messages and guides you to use best practices.

While Rentsabi offers a plethora of capbilities, the guiding design principals are simplicity and ease.

Whether you're sending a message to just one person, or if you're sending a mass message to 1,200 recipients, using a template, with merge fields, an animated GIF, response tracking, and even scheduling it to send on Friday at 2:00pm, Rentsabi makes it simple and quick. Anyone in your leasing office can handle this with ease.

Send By Tag

Sending a message or email to multiple people is just as easy as sending to one person. Every contact has tags and you can choose the tags you want to send your campaign. Just click the tags you want to send to, and send your message. When synced with your Leasing Management System, tags are automatically be updated in Rentsabi.

Email Simplicity

Sending bulk email is simple. Just enter the subject line, add the body text, add any images you like, and then just select the tags for the recipients you want to send to. Easily include things like merge fields and animated GIFs to be more personable. There's a secret too... Simple emails get better results. Highly formatted emails may look pretty, but people they actually are more likely to be ignored.


Templates both save time and help your wording stick to best practices. Template support merge fields and fill-in fields.

Suggested Campaigns

Regular communications with your Residents and active Prospects are a key to keeping the conversation open and showing how you care. Rentsabi suggests campaign ideas and even offers various text and images to include with your campaign.

Tips While You Type

Rentsabi analyzes the text of your messages while you type and offers tips to improve it when needed.


When someone first contacts you via text message or web chat it can be awkward for leasing agents to go through all of the usual guest card questions. RentBot responds immediately and gathers all of these details before handing off to a live person. RentBot can even schedule tours and direct people to how to apply on your website. And, if the new prospect indicates they'd rather just get to a live person right away, RentBot understands and steps out of the way.

Ready to put Rentsabi to work for you?