Rentsabi Features

Capabilities built for Rental Property Managers.

One-to-one and bulk messaging.
Web Chat
Easily add chat to your website.
Simple bulk emailing that gets results.
Handles inbound messages 24/7. Collects guest card details from unknown contacts, and then hands off to your leasing agents. Plus, handles after hours messages with customized responses if they are a known contact (resident/prospect/guarantor).
Contact Syncing
Rentsabi automatically syncs contact data with Property Management Software like Entrata. If we don't already have a connection to what you use, we'll quickly add it. RentBot guest cards can even be pushed back to your preferred source.
Bulk Messages
Need to send a message to 10, 100, 1000 recipients? It's quick and easy. If anyone replies back, you'll have a 1-to-1 conversation with them.
1-to-1 Messages
Just like on your phone, send and receive messages in a standard messaging conversation.
Send/Receive Images
Include images with your messages. It's easy to send things like flyers and floorplan images. You can even combine text and images in the same message.
Emoji's are a natural part of messaging and web chat. Easily add them to the messages you send.
Animated GIFs
Animated GIFs are built into Rentsabi. Finding and sending the perfect animated clip is easy and makes your messages more personable.
Longer Messages
Sending messages beyond the standard 160 text message character limit is no problem.
1-Question Surveys
Easily collect and summarize answers to questions. For example, ask your residents if they are ready to renew, and tell them to reply "yes", "no" and "later". Rentsabi report and summarize the responses for you. Best of all, doing this is easy and just takes one click to turn-on response tracking.
Template Messages
Use and create your own templates with fill-in fields and merge fields. Saves time and helps you stick to best practives.
Merge Fields
Merge fields aren't just for templates. Sending a bulk message to your Residents? Keep it looking personal by adding a First Name merge field.
Suggested Campaigns
Get messaging campaign ideas including images and customizable text-copy that you can use to engage your recipients.
As-you-type Suggestions
While you type your message, if any tips and suggestions are detected they are displayed to help your leasing agents follow best practices.
Smart Sending
When sending bulk messages, use Interruption Avoidance to delay, or skip, sending to recipients that you are currently in the middle of a conversation with.
Scheduled Sending
Set your messages to send any time in the future. Perfect for tour reminders and follow-ups.
Delivery Tracking
Easily see if your messages were successfully delivered or if any issues were encountered. It's important to know if you messages are reaching your audience, and many services suprisingly don't show this.
Automatic Opt-out/in Handling
Opt-out and opt-in requests are automatically understood. Going beyond standard commands like STOP and JOIN, Rentsabi can understand when something like "can you take me off your list?" to help keep you compliant.
Opt-out/in Categories
Rather than an all or nothing approach, your recipients can opt-in or out of specific message types. This gives your recipients flexibility in receiving the types of messages they want, and reduces total opt-outs.
Message Muting
Take opt-out a step further. Do you have a prospect that isn't ready to decide, but still wants to hear from you later? It's easy for them to temporarily mute things like marketing messages for a time period they specifiy.
Send & Receive via Email
Message2Email sends new messages to the email addresses of your choice. You can even reply to those emails to have your email reply sent back as a text message.
Desktop Notifications
You can easily enable and disable alerts on your desktop when new messages come in.
Unreponded Message Reports
Get twice daily email reports with any messages that might still need a response. No more messages slipping through the cracks.
Exclusive Phone Numbers
You get your own exclusive phone numbers for people to text (and call) you at. Start with 1 toll-free number and 4 local area code numbers.
Seamless Call Forwarding
When someone calls one of your Rentsabi phone numbers, their call is seamlessly transferred to the number of your choice.
Inbound Tracking
Use your exlusive phone numbers to easily track new inbound messages and calls. Use your different numbers in various marketing efforts to see what gets results.
Customizable Web Chat Widget
Add a Web Chat widget to your website with just 1 line of code. Then, make changes to things like the color scheme directly in Rentsabi without needing to change anything on your site. Rentsabi even suggests colors to match your website.
Web Chat to Texting
Web Chat is great when someone is on your site, but once they're gone, you can't continue to send them messages. Rentsabi makes it easy for visitors, and your team, to switch the conversation over to texting.
Multi-User Access
Every property account can have an unlimited number of users.
Multi-User Notifications
Prevent accidentally having 2 users respond to the same message. When you have multi users on an account, they'll be able to see if someone is already responding.
Multi-Account Access
Do you have team members that need access to multiple accounts? No problem! Switching between accounts is simple.
Boutique Service
You get a US based success manager that is there to answer questions and assist with any requirements you might have. Response times to requests typically are within minutes. Need an additional capability added? Just ask!

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