Building Culture at Your Rental Properties

Gain a huge advantage by growing a culture of great communications.

Leverage Rentsabi's communications capabilities to build and grow a culture that leads to happier Residents, more eager Prospects, more referrals and better reviews. Whether you manage a large community, distributed apartment buildings, or even rental homes, it's a winning strategy that gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Residents and Prospects appreciate when you are available and responsive when they message you. Rentsabi makes it easy to connect with them, and ensures they get timely responses.
There's more to messaging than sending out blast announcements. Rentsabi's unique capabilities help you truly engage with your Residents and Prospects and have genuine interactions.
Being friendly and showing you appreciate your Residents and Prospects is key. Rentsabi offers several capabilities to ensure you send high quality and appreciated communications.

Timely Responses

The majority of properties either don't have texting and/or web chat, or if they do, incoming messages tend to fall through the cracks. RentBot makes sure that people trying to reach you get an instant response. Plus, with desktop notifications, Message2Email and twice daily email summaries of missed messages, Rentsabi helps make sure no opportunity is lost. Did you miss a web chat and they already left your site? No problem! Text them back with the click of a button.

Easy Interactions

Rentsabi offers tons of suggested messaging campaigns along with multiple variations of text and images to include. Use 1-click surveys to create instant interactions. Sending a message out for an impromptu event is effortless and fun. There are limitless possiblities to engage your audience.

Friendly Communications

Show your Residents and Prospects how much you care about them and how pleasant it is to live at your properties. It's easy to add animated GIFS, emoji and images to your messages. Use merge fields so even when you're sending out a message to hundreds of recipients, it looks like you've personally messaged each one of them. Also, Rentsabi has your back... And in those cases when a message being types doesn't look great, you'll see suggestions while you type.

Open and Upfront

Experiencing a problem? It happens. Keeping open communications throughout issues shows how you appreciate and value your Residents. Rentsabi messaging helps you stay in touch with updates until everything is resolved. Mitigate Resident dejection by showing your empathy and efforts when it comes to problems.

Proactive Feedback

Use Rentsabi to collect monthly feedback from your Residents. A friendly "How's it going?" not only shows that you care, but also allows you to remedy any problems quickly. When they respond positively, ask them to refer friends and post reviews online.

Ready to put Rentsabi to work for you?